Tuesday, August 10, 2010

India's Ambitious Solar Energy Projects Are Set to Make Them Renewable Energy Leaders

For the last several years India has been slowly working towards developing a renewable energy infrastructure to efficiently power the second most populous country in the world. So, it is no surprise that despite continuing efforts to integrate solar power into the nation that it all seems to be a mere drop in the bucket compared to the vast nuclear and fossil fuel energy resources already available. However, India presses on with several plans to complete even greater solar projects in hopes of achieving their 20 gigawatts goal for the next four years.

So far, India's many solar renewable energy projects are diverse in size and the impact that they will have on the country's overall energy output. One of the smaller projects is the current proposal to install a photovoltaic solar power generator in the Indian Parliament building in New Delhi. The project is currently accepting bids from five companies for the government proposal and is aiming to construct an 80 kilowatt generator on the site for use as a backup power source. Once completed, the generator would also divert about 50 kilowatts of renewable energy into the nearby power grid for regular use. While this is a far cry from fully converting India's government buildings towards being powered entirely by renewable energy, the Indian government believes that it is a step in the right direction. T.P.S. Sidhu, Chief Executive of the Punjab Energy Development Agency, believes that by installing this generator at the Parliament building it will demonstrate how effective they can be and perhaps gain more support for solar power.

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